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Personalized learning environments – PLEs

One of the best features that technology offers for learners is the opportunity to set up a personalized learning environment online, then making it their homepage. Personalized learning pages are set up using widgets, and news feeds that bring new research information right to the page as it is posted. It saves the learner a tremendous amount of time trying to find out when new information is posted online about a topic.
Until recently, the most common site used for setting up a PLE has been iGoogle. However, Google has announce that they will be taking down iGoogle in 2013, because they claim that better resources have emerged to replace it making iGoogle unnecessary.
I have been searching for a replacement to set up my personalized learning, and so far the best I’ve seen is It does almost everything iGoogle could do, but in a more efficient way. When you first select a topic, netvibes makes several tabs featuring different kinds of news feeds, blogs, and other information about your topic. You can customize your page by moving tabs around, rearranging elements, adding widgets, and removing things that you feel are unnecessary. You can add tabs, and even set up new research topics with their own sub-topics.
If you are a learner, and you have not yet set up a PLE, or want to learn more about how they can help your personal research, then I suggest trying out netvibes. The free version is enough for most learners. You can also write me, and I’ll be happy to advise how you can get stated with your own Personalized Learning Experience.

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